Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Whosoever Sees this Movie...

By Dan Hagen
Despite the misgivings of the critics, I found Thor as much fun as the brilliant Iron Man.
The Marvel Comics hero Thor was created by artist Jack Kirby
and writer Stan Lee in 1962, based on Norse mythology.
Kenneth Branagh and Chris Hemsworth have managed to make an impossibly noble character actually work dramatically, in part by contrasting him humorously to humans and in part by simple make-you-sigh empathy. 
Thor and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) have a Chris Reeve-Margot Kidder thing going, Anthony Hopkins has the right slightly sad gravitas for Odin the All-Father, and Tom Hiddleston as Loki is a wonderfully textured super villain, insidious and almost appealing. 
This is one of the few super hero stories in which the hero and the villain actually love each other, on some level, and that adds another dimension to to the tale. Hiddleston's is my favorite super villain portrayal, and I'm glad he's returning to battle The Avengers.
The climatic battle with the Destroyer does seem rushed, and Thor's pivotal heroic sacrifice seems pro forma rather than heartfelt, but the movie's pluses outweigh the minuses.
Whosoever sees this movie, if he be worthy, shall behold the power of Thor!
Now that we've all seen the film, let me add how much I enjoyed the poignant romance of its ending. Thor has smashed the Bifrost bridge to save Earth, but thereby cut himself off from the woman he loves. He asks the far-sighted Asgardian guardian Heimdall "Can you see Jane?" Heimdall's vision pierces the space-time continuum and he replies, "Yes. She searches for you."
Tom Hiddleston as the embittered Norse god Loki

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