Thursday, November 28, 2019

Sen. Sanders and the Hissy Fitters

Yesterday, I noticed something odd.
A friend had posted detailed Democratic poll data and left out Bernie Sanders, who was in second place. I added that information, and he informed me that his page was a "No-Sanders Zone." I remarked that his post — which left out the second-place winner of the poll — was intellectually dishonest. He unfriended me.
You know, Hillary Clinton was showered with corporate millions to run TWO presidential campaigns, and lost both times.  Bernie Sanders didn't do that to her, and this lingering hissy-fit bitterness from some of her supporters is childish.
By the way, the person I'm talking about is a librarian. A librarian who censors relevant public information in a fit of political pique.

Trump's Fascism Naked Now

Keep one thing in mind. Fascists PREFER hard times. They are a necessary springboard to totalitarian power.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Words of a Wise Woman

Most of the time we are inside our own ego and completely identified with it. We believe that we know who we are. We are the one who is having all these reactions to everything around us. The ‘I’ that gets offended, upset, angered, resentful. The one whose feelings get hurt. The one who feels threatened or jealous or, conversely, pleased with oneself, the holier-than-thou one, or the superior one. That’s all our ego and it is possible, by appointing one ‘I’ as an observer, to step away from all that, and that first step is huge. Once you practice that step over and over, and see yourself as you are in reaction, that very seeing, without judgment or name-calling, just plain seeing, is the beginning.”
— Ellen Burstyn

A Comedian Observes Our National Tragedy

Everybody saw what Trump was before the election, when he mocked the disabled reporter and when his boasting about sexual assault become public. His constant lies and serial bankruptcies were old news. 

Friday, November 22, 2019

When Cartoons and Reality Merge...

I contend that the primary problem with the American system right now is the complicity and corruption of the corporate news media, which lets the right-wing arsonists burn what they like without ever sounding the alarm.