Monday, February 27, 2012

The Never-Ending Battle

By Dan Hagen
"Hero" is not an occupation, like "plumber." ‎"Hero" or "villain" or "monster" are simplistic views that others have of someone based on his or her relationship to that person — did he save them, is he admirable, has he threatened them. etc? 
Your own view of yourself is always more complex than that. A person needs to understand himself realistically, and nurture the habits that permit him to build the kind of personal character he can respect.
We all have our individual adventures, our team-up adventures, our recurring adversaries, our love interests, our cliffhanger moments and certain aspects of our identities that we prefer not to reveal. 
And every so often, we just have to pick ourselves up and start all over again, when they reboot the continuity.

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