Monday, February 13, 2012

The Consumers and the Consumed

By Dan Hagen
Note the steady, right-wing propaganda drumbeat, and see where it's marching you:

Union wages and benefits aren’t necessary anymore.
College isn’t necessary anymore.
Health insurance isn’t necessary anymore.
Safety regulations aren’t necessary anymore.
Banking regulations aren't necessary anymore.
The minimum wage isn't necessary anymore.
Child labor laws aren’t necessary anymore.

You don’t need a university education to see that the intellectually bovine, Fox-fed American “consumers” are being led straight to the grill at McDonald's -- but it helps.
And not BEHIND the grill. ON it. In the final irony, the “consumers” are what's being consumed.
So we've got it rough. But then so did lots of honest people throughout history, from plagues and depressions to wars civil and worldly. 

We can but fight on, or give up. I'm for fighting on with a smile, and assuming we'll get the breaks.

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