Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hey, Kids, Here's a News Quiz EVEN YOU Can Answer!!!

By Dan Hagen
Here are the headlines on the front page of one news channel’s website on a single day (July 11, 2010):

“Poll: Majority of Voters Think Obama Is a Socialist”

“Did Obama Appointee Say, ‘Never Bring Another Lawsuit Against a Black?’”

“Angle: Reid is ‘Trying to Hit the Girl’”

“Ad Mocks Gore’s Carbon Footprint”

“Analysis: The Reparations Administration”

“Drug Lobby Showers Money on Its Hero Harry Reid”

“Chris Matthews Calls AL Senator Voice of the Confederacy”

“Dem Bank Bill Sets Race - Gender Quotas for Wall Street”

“Poll: Americans believe stimulus HURT Economy”

“Jesus Face ‘Seen in Google Earth Image’”

“WATCH: Sarah Palin’s New Mama Grizzly Ad”

“Charge: Obama’s Tan Tax is Racist”

“Judge Rules Company Can’t Lay Off Union Workers”

“Elderly Man Charged for Shooting at Illegal Alien Thieves”

“Police: Woman Faked Being a Boy for Sex with Girl”

“San Fran: Pass the Pot Brownies, But Drop that Soda”

“Man Forced to Marry Cow Faints at Wedding”

— A two-part quiz. Do these headlines sound like fair, even-handed and honest journalism to you? And what, pray tell, is the name of this soi-disant “news channel?”

Come on.

Mitt's Greatest Hits

Romney's solution to every difficulty is to bury the evidence and lie his way out of it, so I don't know why he should bother to run against someone as popular as President Obama at all. Romney should just claim that Millard Fillmore or Hugo Chavez is president, and run against that one.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storms on the Horizon

By Dan Hagen
Observe the synchronicity of the presidential election and Hurricane Sandy. 
As individuals, we have no control of either. They proceed on their strange paths, obeying only half-understood influences and laws, to their inexorable, inevitable and unknown ends. 
We will only watch and wonder.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

N Is For the Word They Are Itching to Use

By Dan Hagen
Gee, why are Americans turning INCREASINGLY racist? Whatever could be the reason?
Even during the 2008 elections, thanks to a relentless GOP propaganda campaign aimed at know-nothings, craven and wretched reporting by the corporate media and the general willful, thundering stupidity of the American public, what we were offered as "issues" were such topics as Barack Obama's middle name, the fear of his "secret Muslim religion," and whether he and his wife indulge in "terrorist fist bumps."
Yes. he really said it.
How can you tell when a political attack on Obama is racist? When it’s not an attack that questions his POLICIES, but an attack that questions his IDENTITY.
I know an older, comfortably retired white man with a big fishing boat, a large house, two cars and an expensive RV who is enjoying Social Security and Medicare and who is constantly complaining how those poor black people and those uppity women like Nancy Pelosi have cheated him out of something or other that he can't quite specify.
He spends his days listening to Limbaugh and watching Fox "News." And he uses a different word to describe black people. But you knew that already, didn't you?
Why do Americans vote against their own interests? Xenophobia. Shame masked as anger at their justified sense of intellectual inferiority. And the reliable old vice that makes any mark ready to be conned: blind greed.
Yes, Republicans are often racist xenophobic tools, made angrier by the feeling of inferiority they get when they realize that they don't know what "xenophobic" means.
Ah yes, the Republican Party. The party whose candidate, Ronald Reagan, kicked off his campaign with an appeal to "states' rights" in Philadelphia, Mississippi -- a town famous for a single thing, the murder of civil rights workers. The party whose candidate, George H. W. Bush, won election with the racist Willie Horton ad. The party that blocked black voters in Florida in 2000 and in Ohio in 2004. The party that proudly flies and defends the Confederate flag. The party that thrives on resentment against Mexican immigrants. The party that campaigns against fictional black "welfare queens" who drive Cadillacs and hands the keys of the U.S. treasury to the corporate CEO welfare queens who arrive in their private jets. The party whose candidate, Richard Nixon, designed a "Southern Strategy" to win the hearts and minds of racist white voters in the South. The party that thinks racism runs in only one direction -- reverse. The party actually dared to suggest in a Tea Party pledge that black families were better off enslaved. The party that compares Herman Cain to Harriet Tubman. Yes, Cain would be just like Harriet Tubman, if Harriet Tubman was a lousy pizza shill, a sexist tool and a con artist instead of a civil rights heroine.
And that would be the "colorblind party" that is shocked, shocked by any hint of what it terms "racism" -- defined as any chance that someone other than an old white guy or a sellout token might acquire some power.

Those Pesky Regulations

From the New Yorker, October 2012

If regulation didn't work, we wouldn't need the criminal code — an obvious point Ayn Rand always somehow managed to avoid seeing.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

You're So Vane

Mitt Romney has whirled like an oily weathervane on every single major issue facing America. His real plans for you remain as secret as his taxes and business records. 
As long as you’re comfortable taking a big leap of faith in the dark, vote for Romney and Ruin. Er, Ryan.