Sunday, February 12, 2012

NPR Check: Suck It Up! from the NPR Suck-ups

NPR Check: Suck It Up! from the NPR Suck-ups
Case in point.

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  1. "The Saturday story on college grads scoffs at students who study "softer and more qualitative majors" such as literature, psychology, etc., and simply accepts that the university experience should be a kind of trade school experience aimed at landing a well-paying job. Not a word about the importance of a free (or even affordable), liberal higher education to the health of any democratic society. Instead of spending any time investigating why student debt has skyrocketed and who is benefiting from this scam, NPR's Jackie Leyden ends her report with this condescending bit of wisdom: 'So maybe it comes down to changing your expectations about what life is really all about...'"