Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fox News: The Poor Should be Denied Water

Remember, when you're gasping for water, be sure to tune in to Fox News. They'll be glad to say, “Fuck you.” And we have more late-breaking news. This just in from the Fox News Department of Compassionate Conservatism.
“Fox News is one of the main factors, possibly the main factor, driving political polarization in this country,” Amanda Marcotte noted. “Huge chunks of this country listen mostly or solely to a relentless stream of misinformation coming from Fox News, coupled with warnings, implied or even baldly stated, to avoid listening to other, more factually accurate news sources. Unsurprisingly, then, more people are becoming conservatives and people who were already conservative are becoming more hardline about it. If you have any Fox viewers in your family, you probably already suspected this,but now Pew has given us the cold, hard facts to confirm your suspicions.”

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