Saturday, November 12, 2022

'Dems in Disarray?' Not So Much

Whenever a Washington Post headline includes the words “Republicans Panic,” happy days are here again.

“Dems in Disarray,” corporate news media? No, let’s try “Repubs in Retreat.”

Now comes the “Trump-off” part where Republicans pretend they aren’t the same vicious yahoos who attacked the U.S. Capitol to try to murder lawmakers and set up a fascist dictatorship. 

But that's still what they are, of course. Some stains don't wash away.

Now the GOP will try to put Trump in a box, make him disappear and pretend they never heard of him— the same trick they worked with Bush. But the Mango Mussolini isn’t the type to quietly retire and paint bad pictures.

And the Republicans are going to play the Sanity Game again, while the corporate news media feverishly tries to bury the records of the years they spent raving in the madhouse.

Luckily, however, Trump cares nothing for the Republican Party, and is perfectly willing to burn it all down to warm his fragile ego.

And a vicious, protracted knife fight between Trump and DeSantis isn't going to help either of them. But it’s going to help US a lot.

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