Friday, January 22, 2021

Corporate News Media Polishes Its Blind Spots

The corporate news media has already ignored the Republican use of torture, the Republican war of lies that murdered several hundred thousand innocent people in Iraq, and the Republican Wall Street deregulation that caused the 2008 global financial crash. 

So why not this too?

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  1. As Patrick Fiegenbaum said, “Ancient history! It's been over two weeks since a mob stormed the Capitol Building in an attempt to overthrow the government by violence at the urging of President Trump. Only a half dozen people died, and it’s really difficult to ‘both sides” this, which is totally not fair to Republicans, so lay off everybody.
    “Republicans tried their best to make an issue out of Jill Biden using the honorific she earned, but for some reason (probably the liberal media), nobody seems to think it's quite comparable.
    “Can't we all agree to stop talking about this unpleasantness and its proximity to the Republican elected officials still in office, okay? Where's the unity, man?”