Friday, August 24, 2012

What a Clever (and Honest) Reporter Could Do...

By Dan Hagen
Mr. R-Money — who flatly refuses to release his tax returns, scrubs the records and e-mails from his time as Massachusetts governor and head of the Olympics, keeps secret details of his job-killing Bain dealings and covers up the names of his bundlers — now presumes to dictate the questions reporters may and may not ask as he vies for the top job in a “democratic republic.”
No surprise there. Being raised as a rich, white, male authoritarian in a church that worships them tends to leave one completely cold to the idea of democracy and service in the public interest.
A clever reporter would agree and then ask, “Why has your campaign declared certain topics off-limits for reporters? What are you afraid of the American public learning about you, Mr. Romney?”

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