Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Fascists Who Think They're Protesting Fascism

By Dan Hagen
Just look at these people.
Funny that puppets who are working for the interests of fascists carry signs accusing people who are working against fascism of being fascists — and don't even know the difference.
They couldn’t tell you the difference between socialism and fascism if you water-boarded them. That’s a torture practice they approve of, by the way. Fascists always do.
Fascism is this: corporate power worshipped; labor power suppressed; nationalism; disdain for human rights; using scapegoats to direct hatred; avid, bootlicking militarism; rampant sexism; a controlled, dishonest mass media; panicked obsession with national security; religiosity used for political manipulation; contempt for intellectuals, education and the arts; obsession with crime and punishment; rampant cronyism and corruption and fraudulent elections. Those are the elements common to all fascist regimes. But these cretins would have to crack a book to find out they're protesting their own philosophy.
“Education is dangerous. Every educated person is a future enemy,” Gestapo founder Hermann Goering said. And these protesters, who don’t know a “was” from a “were,” would certainly agree.

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