Sunday, August 5, 2012

Conned Into Credit Cards

Illustration courtesy of the Anonymous Art of Revolution
By Dan Hagen
American workers were conned into accepting credit card debt slavery instead of the wage increases they should have received.
We have deliberately dumped manufacturing, which produces actual wealth and middle-class prosperity, and turned the American economy over to the rigged number-man­ipulation of banking, insurance and real estate, parasites of bottomless greed who produce nothing and, if left unrestrained, can only kill their host.
Having gotten deregulation passed, Wall Street bankers knowingly “securitized” junk loans, laundered them fresh Triple-A clean and then dumped them on investors who trusted the bankers, defrauding them. That’s what wrecked the world economy, and it’s easy to spot the people who did it. They’re the people who ended up with the trillions.

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