Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Today with the Man of Tomorrow

Superman in Action, according to Rags Morales
By Dan Hagen
The rebooted Action Comics No. 1 for 2011 was the first single-issue comic I have picked up in years, and I love what Grant Morrison and Rags Morales have done in rebooting the character.
From his semi-ad hoc costume to his disdain for the corporate-controlled cops of Metropolis, this young Superman is not-yet-omnipotent brash social avenger, willing to toss a corrupt businessman off a skyscraper in order to wring a confession from him. 
The characterization may seem strange to many familiar with Superman’s big blue Boy Scout image, but it actually returns to the character to precisely what he was when he was created in the Depression — yet another parallel between the 1930s and the 21st century.

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