Monday, August 29, 2016

Fly a Flag of Flapdoodle and See Who Salutes

The right keeps Americans stirred up about things that are symbolic but meaningless in real-world terms — flags, gay marriage, public religious displays, “death panels,” “wars on Xmas,“ “support the troops” magnets, standing or sitting for songs, etc.
These are all matters of semantics, flapdoodle, useful for keeping the American public distracted from the police-state erosions of its liberty and the corporate picking of its pockets. Americans who smartly saluted flags and jumped up for anthems and had the stars and stripes tattooed on their fat, smug asses also stood silently aside while Bush and Cheney blatantly lied this country into invading a country that hadn’t harmed or even threatened the United States, getting several hundred thousand innocent people there killed. So I do think much of their fucking “patriotism?” No.

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