Sunday, August 7, 2016

Benito Trump as Night Falls in America

From the first moment he began to peddle outrageous and obvious lies about the president’s birth, the American corporate media has winked at Donald “Benito” Trump, joked with Trump, spotlighted Trump and promoted Trump.
What it has not done is the only thing it should have done, which is to expose Trump as the unhinged fascist fraud he is.
And if Trump becomes the banana republic dictator of the United States, we’ll have the American corporate news media to thank for it. I have never been more disgusted with these amoral prostitutes who pose as “professionals.”
Trump is a narcissistic sociopath utterly without empathy, a man who sees nothing else in the world but mirrors. He understands how people feel when he hurts them about as well as he understands ancient Greek.
Anyone who ever entertained the idea that Donald J. Trump was even minimally acceptable as a presidential candidate is so profoundly stupid that I’m a little surprised their autonomic nervous system is actually smart enough to permit them to breathe. And the funny thing is, the other Republican presidential candidates were all just about as bad.
Trump supporters are now nothing but a mob screaming “n*gger” and “beaner!” to promote a fascist dictatorship. Whether or not they’re smart enough to realize it, they’ve become evil.
But these hideous people didn’t spring from nowhere, nor did they arrive without cause.
“I’m saying that the landscape I just saw in west central Florida, whose inhabitants crawl mollusk-like from fast-food outlets to convenience stores to healthcare providers to office parks, in their SUVs and pickup trucks with tinted windows, is a landscape of cognitive dissonance and collective delusion,” Andrew O’Hehir wrote. “It’s the landscape of madness in general, and the flavor of madness provided by Donald Trump in particular.”
Trump is tapping displaced, scapegoated anger, and anger always springs from fear — in this case, the deep economic anxiety of the dying American middle class. The Democrats have got to start addressing that problem openly and directly.
Because it’s not morning in America anymore. It’s twilight.

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  1. Max Ibanez said, “Trump is the metastasized tumor of unfettered capitalism. Litigious, greedy, amoral and sociopathic. Out of all philosophies and economic doctrines; this ‘winner take all’ mentality with no regards for others has finally resulted in the epitome of human waste named Trump. Damn him, his idiotic followers and his craven supporters in Congress.”