Friday, June 8, 2012

On the Aisle of Ignorance

By Dan Hagen
The older woman was perched on one of those Walmart obesity go-carts, chatting with a friend. She had rolled right past 300 pounds some time ago, and hadn’t looked back.
“You know, they talk about all this health care,” she opined. “Years ago, they didn’t have health care. Years ago, they didn’t have to go to the doctor all the time. The doctors would come to the house once in a while. It says in the Bible that God will take care of you…”
This, I could not resist. Walking past them, I said, “Yeah, well, years ago people died at age 40.”
She said something in reply, but I had already left them behind.


  1. Since I (1) Have had to use a Walmart scooter, (2) Am obese, (3) Live in the "Bible Belt" region,(4) Am over 40, I'll just leave a "sigh"...

    1. I presume you do not also hypocritically sneer at the idea of government-supported medical care, however, which is the point of this piece.