Friday, June 8, 2012

Letting Dogs on the Roof Lie

By Dan Hagen
Mitt Romney has grabbed the brass ring, a political candidate’s wet dream — the ability to lie about facts and get away with it, to shed his actual record and history repeatedly, like a snake’s skin.
He does it daily, absurdly stating that under Obama America "effectively ceased to be a free enterprise economy," reversing himself on issues like auto bailouts, gay rights and health care, then spinning right back again when it’s momentarily convenient.
It’s open season on the verifiable truth in America. The truth remains on life support after all the times Dick Cheney got drunk and shot it in the face.
The punch-drunk corporate media, now cowed and craven or openly corrupt like Fox News, will not effectively challenge a Republican candidate on any factual lie.
The fundamental problem is that much of the white working class in 21st century America actually likes to be lied to, just as long as their ugly little prejudices are vigorously massaged by the people who are picking their pockets and robbing them of their rights.

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