Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Crash of the Crazies

How very disappointing for the Cruz crowd. Turns out the Tea Baggers' billionaire owners weren't in the least interested in seeing the world economy wrecked. You see, they own that too.
My friend Paul Loop instantly got the point, it, as usual: "Debt default is part of the surrender to the higher power of authoritarian rule. The Tea Party Christian jihadists have a sick romance going with destruction and resurrection. They see the salvation of their souls and the economy within the same apocalyptic frame."
And the old fools who voted Republican learned from sages like George Will that Republicans failing to raise the debt ceiling would be no problem at all. The government could pay the interest on the national debt merely by stopping Social Security checks, he helpfully explained.  The seniors may learn that it's harder to take the knife out of your back than it was for you to put it there.
The Rev. Pat Robertson says that Haitian earthquakes are caused by pacts with the devil and that mighty hurricanes can be diverted by his prayer magic. But even he and Rush Limbaugh, the porcine pontiff of Republican  fascism, turned on the GOP today. The Tea Baggers went too crazy even for the crazy peddlers.

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