Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Ugly Truth about Mitt Romney's Racist Past

By Dan Hagen
Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's church didn't admit that black people were human enough to be included in priesthood ordination and participation in temple ceremonies UNTIL 1978!
Then they had a “divine revelation” to jettison the policy — thanks to their tax-exempt status being threatened by their blatant and disgusting racism. Let’s hear Mittens explain that.
Prior to 1978, Mormon leaders forbid blacks from holding the Mormon priesthood. In 1978, thanks to mounting pressure from pending lawsuits concerning racism, Spencer W. Kimball suddenly received a revelation that blacks could now enter the temple and hold the Mormon priesthood.
If the Mormon Church had not changed its views on black people, it would have lost its Tax-Exempt 503(c) status — as pending litigation in several states in America was proceeding.
God came through in the nick of time. Lucky the dire situation caught His attention there in his headquarters on the distant planet Kolob.

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