Monday, July 16, 2012

The Clown Car That Wasn't Funny at All

By Dan Hagen
As the best they could offer for commander in chief in 2012, the GOP supplied a slimy Newt, a pizza putz, a Texas two-digit IQ, a sanctimonious sweater vest, Crazy Face Bachmann and the Romneybot 3000 v 2.0, a device that dispenses lies with the well-oiled ease that a vending machine spits out gumballs.
Yes, the Republicans certainly crammed their clown car full on this trip.
How can Republicans possibly offer such uniformly low-grade, corrupt and often ignorant candidates for the highest office in the nation? Because they have developed a corporate media propaganda echo chamber/fog machine so high-grade that it’s capable of conning any number of citizens into believing that black is white, government is evil, invasion is liberation, poverty is freedom, health care is luxury, stupid is smart and contemptible is heroic.
If you have sufficient propaganda power over the news media, you can launch and sustain just about any horror. The Penn State boy brothel is enough proof of that.

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