Friday, January 6, 2017

Putting on the Brakes, Mentally

A meme by Jim Hampton
As I was driving George Hilton Beagle to McHugh’s to pick up a cheeseburger Thursday afternoon, the brakes seemed sluggish, and they gave out entirely just as I got home, with the car rolling to a stop and the brake light coming on.
Looked like brake fluid on the fresh snow to me. I called Neal Tire and had it towed.
I must say handled the car events with mindful equanimity. I always wonder if I’ll be able to do that whenever the next crisis comes, and lately I seem to have been getting better and better at it.
I count myself lucky we weren’t on the road when the brakes failed completely.
I’m never quite sure if I can really practice what I preach, so I'm tentatively proud when I’m able to do so. With mindfulness, many of these crises CAN be managed, mentally and emotionally, without overreaction or much reaction at all, really.

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