Thursday, May 5, 2016

How the News Media Will Play the Trump Card

The U.S. corporate news media spent months convincing America that George W. Bush was not the authoritarian, entitled, warmongering alcoholic cretin he appeared to be, then it declared him the winner in Florida when he wasn't, creating the presumption he should be appointed president. And he was.
And now, the American corporate news media will spend months convincing America that Trump is not the narcissistic, mentally ill Nazi he appears to be, and the Republican politicians who now allegedly repudiate him will be bought off — because they are all greedy, power-sucking whores — and we'll hear an AWFUL lot more about the pearl-clutching scandal of the emails and the shocking betrayal in Benghazi. 
In this nation, what was “unthinkable” yesterday is merely accepted, with an indifferent shrug, tomorrow. That's what propaganda can do for — and perhaps to — you.

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