Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mesmerized by Many Monsters

As a small boy, I was fascinated by weird and immensely powerful beings. Mesmerized, really. Superheroes were my primary interest, but monsters are of course just on the other side of that coin, so I loved them as well.
And in 1962, a discerning child could find no better monster value for his weekly allowance of a quarter than the first Strange Tales Annual. In the company that would soon be called Marvel Comics, Stan Lee had plenty of stories to choose from, having already published a good five years’ worth of giant monster material in various titles.
Smoke monsters, shadow monsters, stone monsters, lizard monsters, insect monsters, supernatural monsters, alien monsters — the annual had them all in tales to astonish by Lee, Kirby, Ditko, Everett and Heck.
Just as the sexual revolution was unleashing shagging upon the world, we kids had “I Unleashed SHAGG Upon the World!” (reprinted from Journey Into Mystery #59).

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