Tuesday, March 31, 2015

When Your Bigotry Blows Up in Your Face

Called out on the pandering “religious freedom” law he proudly signed, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's instinctive strategy was simply to lie and say that his pro-bigotry law does not favor bigotry. Republicans have been trained to believe that, like Bill O'Reilly, they can lie about the most glaring facts and get away with it.
Given the fact that the First Amendment already fully protects the exercise of religion in this nation, exactly what “religious freedoms” are crying out to be “restored?” The proponents of the Indiana law fall silent on that point — and well they should — because majority religion Christians are not oppressed or even inconvenienced at any place or any time in this country. What they don’t dare say is that the intent of the law, the practical effect of the law, is to embolden fundamentalist Christians to exercise their bigotry in denying American citizens public accommodations. And that’s hatred (rhymes with “sacred”).

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