Saturday, January 18, 2014

When the Baby Fell from the Fire Escape

Cristina Torre practices mindfulness, and thinks that sort of intuition is what enabled her to catch a baby who fell from a fire escape two and a half stories high.
“The reality of saving someone's life is intense,” she said of that summer day in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. “I think it has changed me. I am calm and more at ease with things.”
“Apparently he had slipped through pieces of cardboard placed next to an air-conditioning unit in the window, and without bars to protect him he'd crawled out and up the fire escape towards the next storey,” Torre recalled. “He was clearly a physically capable child, but he was only 16 months old. For him to even climb up and balance in that position was incredible.
“Then he slipped. Instinctively, he grabbed on as he fell, so he was gripping the railing, hanging by his arms,” she said “I knew he couldn't hold on, 25 feet above the street, for long.
“I sensed people had gathered behind, but my attention was purely focused on my intention to catch the baby. I made sure I was positioned to save him.”

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