Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Joss Whedon, Agent of FUN

Yes, THAT’S what I was waiting for in ABC’s “Agent of SHIELD ” — the flying sports car from Marvel’s “Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD” comic book feature in the 1960s. Creator Joss Whedon always knows the right iconic touch to include.
The "Agents of SHIELD" interrogation scene, for example, was pure Joss Whedon gold. "Gramsy?"
And at the center of this pilot episode was a fine ambiguity about what makes a “good guy super hero.” Isn't the man who fired him a villain? And shouldn't he therefore be crushed?
Plus, at the finish, did I not hear the echo of a Joad-like plea for the much-shit-upon American common man?
Yes, this series will be fine. Whedon always strikes the right balance of humor and melodrama, familiarity and surprise.
“The Man from UNCLE” movie people had better get it right, because I think they’ve just been beaten to the punch by a series that has crossed their concept with “Torchwood.” Ironically, the SHIELD comic books were inspired, of course, by “The Man from UNCLE.”

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