Monday, February 18, 2013

How Liberals Became Demons

By Dan Hagen
I’ll answer Barbra Streisand’s question for her.
The term "liberal" has been demonized for the same reason that the word "entitlement" has been demonized — as a propaganda move to undermine and discredit the very concept of justice by those who oppose justice. They find injustice too lucrative.
Here are just a few of the landmarks of American progress championed by liberals and opposed by conservatives: The end of slavery; women’s suffrage; the end of segregation; gay marriage; the end of prohibition; banking regulations to prevent economic piracy; prohibition of child labor; minimum wage laws; workplace safety regulations; the 40-hour work week; Social Security; Medicare and the forbidding of torture.
And yes, the Dittoheads you know will respond by saying that “liberals” created the KKK. No, liberals opposed it. Racist Southern Democrats created the KKK, and they have since become Republicans, thanks to Republican President Richard Nixon, who designed a "Southern Strategy" to win the hearts and minds of racist white voters in the South.
The fascists love to play Three-Card Monte with the terms "Democrat," "Republican," "liberal" and "conservative." Those are four separate and distinct things, and people who are too intellectually lazy to learn that can be easily conned.

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