Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Horror of Traditional Values

By Dan Hagen
Republicans claim they want to reintroduce us to “traditional values,” and they aren’t kidding.
Voting privileges only for property owners. County poorhouses. Child labor. Company towns. Sweat shops. Debtor’s prisons. Economic serfdom. Torture. Slavery (euphemistically to be called “contracted prison labor”).
The GOP plutocrats and the Tea Party puppets are aiming at restoring the traditions of Dickens' England, pre-revolutionary France and finally their utopia, the Dark Ages, where they can live as the feudal overlords they long to be.
Perhaps Fox News can explain to its little serfs what a fine tradition droit de seigneur really was.

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  1. And don't forget what they lovingly refer to as "too much education". Gotta keep the serfs uneducated and powerless; they're much easier to control that way.